Are you ready to travel?

There is no doubt, that since December 2019 everyday life has changed for all of us. But, it’s time to push the optimism button and restart. The question is: Are you ready to travel again? Do you feel safe to leave your home and your country, take a flight or your car and visit another place?

Well, 50% of Europeans are more than ready to travel abroad, to leave all Covid-19 worries back home, and enjoy the vacations that they have missed so much last year. 1 out of 2 Europeans feels safe to take their families out of borders. They understand the benefits of being at a beach house for a couple of weeks or just for a few days, and they certainly want to take advantage of the positive influence of the sea breeze. They want to take a break from their daily routine, from negativity, bad news, insecurity, and all the imposed restrictions.

So, the way to empower their health is to go out again, walk to nature, by the beach, swim in the blue sea of Greece. Of course, we shouldn’t forget mental health. The majority of Europeans realize the necessity to maintain their optimism, happiness, hope, and trust in life. Taking a break, going on vacation, visiting new places is the first step. Meeting new people, interacting with hosts or neighbors, and in general socializing with locals, exchanging views, opinions, and ideas is the second, and very important step.

Thankfully, every day, more and more people start to have confidence in traveling again. We all do! We missed the summer of 2020. We are so looking forward to living in full a carefree summertime. The one which is lying ahead of us… It is obvious that we will keep the necessary measures, and we will continue to be conscious. There is no other way. But, the sun and the sea will be ours again. They will nurture, embrace, and encourage us to move on and forget the difficult and sad moments.

P.S. Extra empowerment tip: Look at the sun and the sun will smile at you!

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