One of the main trends in the tourism industry is to travel as local. In the past years, it was the number one trend, and even though times have changed it still keeps up in the row. Do you “see” yourself in this sentence? Do you think that it’s one of your goals in a journey? Are you looking for an authentic experience? If so, then continue reading.

First of all, let me tell you that I couldn’t agree more with all of you. Yes, it’s so precious to travel abroad and feel like one of them. In the last decades, in some places, tourists were treated as foreigners, or as people that don’t belong to the local community, probably because no one would see them again… Well, fortunately, this attitude has disappeared. Nowadays, all travelers are treated as a part of the society that they join. Whether they stay at the place they visit for a short time, or for a long period they become “locals”.

Visitors have the opportunity to live the everyday life of the destination that they have chosen, before even starting their trip. They are sitting comfortably at their home and book the apartment that suits them the most through the platform. That’s the first step. After that, visitors feel already like locals. They will stay in an apartment among other residents, and not in a remote resort with an all-inclusive bracelet. Their apartment will have all the amenities of a local apartment, They will visit the open markets, nearby their apartment, to get the groceries, and they will cook their own meals in their fully equipped kitchen. Trinity

In conclusion, during these times that are changing so rapidly, there is time to travel, to feel, to live, to eat as local. There is always time to exchange a smile with your neighbor and say “good morning”. 😉