Food lovers

Food lovers

Today I woke up, I had my espresso lungo, no sugar (as always), and started working from my comfortable home office. To be honest, I tried to work, I really tried… I had the P.C. switched on in front of me, but I couldn’t concentrate. My mind was elsewhere. It was flying above various, colorful, and tasteful plates.

Every time I travel, local cuisine is one of the 3 most important things that I have to experience. I am pretty sure that it’s on the top of the list for you too. Every place offers its own, traditional, unique delights and not only that. You can find almost all kinds of food from a lot of countries. Especially, in big cities, like Thessaloniki, you can find Greek food, and also Italian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Hebrew, Armenian and so much more; one is spoilt by choice! You will probably be attempted to try a different cuisine every day, but an experienced traveler would only opt for the local one.

Our local kitchen is well known in the whole world and is very much appreciated and loved. So, every visitor of our country is more than happy to enjoy some of the famous, and all-time classic Greek plates, like mousaka (a combination of potatoes, minced meat, and eggplants) or kalamarakia (fried squids). The good news is that they don’t stay only at these ones; our local plates are becoming more and more dynamic, combining fresh, local traditional ingredients. The chefs and the cooks use seasonal fruits and vegetables in order to highlight the rich taste of their gastronomic creations. They are also very generous with genuine local spices and this is one of the secrets of the Greek essence that is hidden in every bite!

Last but not least, as a smart traveler remember to look for products made by agro farmers or small family businesses. These kinds of labels are usually unknown to most people and they can be founded only in small, and selected groceries.

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