Organize your vacation

Tell me the truth… How many times did you stay up late in the night, thinking about beautiful places, a relaxing apartment, a calm sea, and fine, warm sand between your toes? I bet a lot. I guess it was something between dream, fantasy, and thoughts. Well, let’s make it a plan!

First of all, gather all the members of your family in a cozy corner of your house (in the living room, at the kitchen table, by the fireplace, or on the big fluffy double bed). Get tuned at your favorite FM radio or just press the play on your preferred playlist. Snacks, chocolates, and coffee are a must. The set is ready! Now, switch on your P.C., and start navigating. Destinations, beaches, beach apartments, colors, smiles are all here, in front of you; only a click away.

Ask your children’s opinion about this holiday. Take into consideration their needs and ideas. Engage them; make them feel part of the team in this project. Don’t forget: When children are occupied and happy during the vacation, parents are twice happy and calm. Probably, your children have in mind an apartment with board games, bunk beds, and maybe even with a turtle in the front yard. You can find all that in Trinity Apartments.

It is the adults’ turn. Ask each other, discuss, and express your desires. Try to fulfill your dreams and expectations. After all, you worth it! I think an apartment only a couple of minutes walking away from the beach is not a bad idea. No need to drive, look for parking or carry your driver’s license. Just prepare your beach bag and take it with you.

Is this enough? Well, everyone will continue their vacation planning according to their needs and desires. It is important though, to keep in mind, and look for accommodations that respect Health Protocols, and emphasize cleaning and disinfection. With the right organization, the summer of 2021 will be unforgettable!

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