Summer holidays

Summer holidays

A few hours ago, I read this lovely e-mail from a 10 years old boy. Above all, it is a sincere invitation to other children from abroad to visit Greece, our country, for their summer holidays. To be honest, I found it so genuine and innocent that I couldn’t do less than to house it in Trinity blog. Certainly, children can be so disarming with their simplicity, reminding us of the authentic beauty of vacation. Please, share this invitation with your children; I am pretty sure they will enjoy it!

P.S.: Thank you Kostas! You are great!

“Dear web friends,

Hello! I hope you are all well!

My name is Kostas, I am 10 years old, and I live in Thessaloniki, Greece. I am writing this e-mail because I want to invite you all to my country for your summer holidays. The best time of year to come to Greece is in summer. Everyone in Greece likes the summer. That’s because it is very hot and it never rains. The days are long and the sun stays up till 21:00 hours therefore, we have plenty of time to play!

Every day we go to the beach and we eat Greek salad. We all have a lot of fun because we play all day long. During the day we don’t wear clothes, only our swimsuit. We can stay at the beach as much as we like. The adults drink beers and we drink cool homemade lemonades. We also, eat fresh fish and stuffed peppers, which are my favorite food. We usually, ride our bikes to go to the nearest mini-market, or just for fun. Sometimes, we are watching a movie at the open-air cinema, eating potato chips and popcorn.

In short, the games at the sea are endless, for instance, swimming, boat trips, fishing, water ski and so many more… Sometimes, we make teams and play basketball or football.

Come and visit Greece with your family. In other words, you will have the most fantastic holiday EVER!

Love, Kostas”      

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