Valentine’s Day

As we all know February is Valentine’s month. A lot of people are looking for romantic ideas; for instance where to stay with their loved ones during a romantic getaway. Book a hotel room or an entire apartment? Send red roses, watch the sunset together or buy jewelry heart shaped?

Too many questions… Maybe tickets for a concert, a card, a chocolate cake, a decoration full of red balloons or a more practical gift? I forgot to mention the sexy lingerie or a candlelight dinner for two. How about something more original? What would you say for a horse ride by the beach, fishing lessons for beginners, or special massage treatment for two?

Yes, as a result, Valentine’s day has become a commercial holiday. Of course, the tourism industry is taking a piece of this market. But there is nothing bad to celebrate this day. The amount of money that you can spend ranges from zero to infinity. The ideas are endless. That’s because no one can limit the imagination, no one can limit love. Whether we like Valentine’s day or not, it’s a fact that most people are waiting to celebrate it. It’s a day to offer each other their gifts with love.

It doesn’t matter if you spent a great amount of time looking where to stay, and a huge amount of money to book the most luxurious hotel suite or to travel to an exotic destination. What matters the most is to carry in your heart all these beautiful feelings, and find the best way to show them to the person you are in love with. Show them with your behavior, your respect to them, your love, your appreciation, your admiration.

Even the most expensive gift would be poor without a warm hug, a passionate kiss, and a sincere “I love you”!

“Love is the goal, life is the journey.”

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